A Critical Call for Support!
Kemper students cooking with Michelle Obama
Kemper Elementary students cooking with First Lady Michelle Obama during White House Kitchen Garden Harvest June 6, 2016

Dear Friends of Montezuma School to Farm,

In school garden classes we teach the transformation of seeds sprouting and growing, changing form and structure into something abundant and rich – something to be shared.  We teach that students are seeds too; that they also have this possibility to become whatever they dream as they sprout and grow.

With growth comes inevitable challenges to surmount on the way to the dream. MSTFP is currently experiencing challenges in its’ own evolutionary cycle. In this, our sixth year of tremendous growth and programming (In 2010 we served 40 students, in 2016 we served 2000+ students), we saw MSTFP programs and services continue to run with a top-notch, experienced direct service staff.  

Montezuma County fourth graders were invited to the White House to plant and cook with the First Lady, a new school garden program was developed at Mesa serving an additional 300 students, a Mancos School Garden high tunnel was installed and a Dolores School Garden honey beehive was built, among many other great accomplishments.

Mesa Students   High Tunnel Raising   Dolores Beehive   Mesa Installation

Unfortunately, under a transition in leadership this spring, MSTFP was not able to continue to develop strong funding streams and we are currently in a financially stressful set of circumstances.  We are faced with staff and program cuts starting in early 2017.  Though we are confronted with a challenging set of circumstances, we feel deeply and with conviction that we can weather the storm and create a stronger organization as a result of it.

We are reaching out to you now to request your vital assistance through this challenging time.  Your life-infusing tax-deductible donation will allow us to continue to operate while pursuing necessary business sponsorships, grants, private donations, school district and AmeriCorps support in early 2017.

Through your donation, we feel confident that we can overcome the short-term challenges and continue to provide nationally acclaimed, cutting edge programing that empowers students, schools, families and communities to live healthy, prosperous lives.  With your help, we can do this.

Donations are tax-deductible and can be mailed directly to:

PO Box 694, Mancos, CO 81328
Please make checks out to the "Mancos Conservation District"
and specify "MSTFP" in the subject line


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Heart-shaped potato at Dolores Garden
On behalf of the entire Montezuma School to Farm Project staff and board, thank you for your support. When we look back on this challenging time, we will know we made it through because of the many hands that were extended that believe in what is possible when we do it together.


The Montezuma School to Farm Project Staff 
Sarah Syverson
MSTFP Interim Director
A message from our team and board:
As of December 13th, Zoe Nelsen resigned from her role as Director of Montezuma School to Farm Project. We're thankful to have Sarah Syverson step in as the Interim Director at this time, and are currently seeking to hire a new director as soon as possible. Please share our Director Position Description with anyone who may be interested in taking the reins of this incredible organization. 

In the meantime, the staff of MSTFP and the Mancos Conservation District Board are working together closely to ensure the programs smooth and continued operation. We apologize for any confusion or difficulties you may have experienced, and we appreciate your patience. 
Thank you for your continued support. It means the world to us during this time.