City of Cortez Rec Center Garden

We've recently partnered with two incredible members of the community, who are working to transition this garden into a more widely-used demonstration and production garden.  As a community garden, this site will provide fresh produce to community members in need while offering educational programming for all ages. This is a long-term project, and we are very thankful for the opportunity to continue this wonderful garden as we expand its role in the community!

Rec Center Playground Days

In the summers, MSTFP collaborates with the Cortez Rec Center to host nine weeks of Farm Camp during the summer.  As a part of the Playground Days program, Farm Camp specifically provides educational activities around agriculture, art, and fitness for kids ages 5-10.  We pair Seed to Table concepts in the garden with active and creative outlets for roughly 45 kids over the course of the summer.

Farm Camp allows students to continue cultivating their interest in the garden beyond the school year, and explore the summer season's unique opportunities for learning. Recent highlights include debuting our observation bee hive, seeing grapevines produce their first year of fruit, and closing out the season in style with harvest pizzas and a plant-based fashion show. In 2016, a circle of benches were designed and installed by Top Notch Granite, through the Greg Leighton Memorial Fund.