The Dolores School District is home to a variety of school garden systems. Upon entrance to the elementary school, quaint, timber frame beds of flowers, herbs, annuals, and perennials greet visitors and students.  An expansive elementary school garden, neighboring both the football field and playground, features raised and contoured beds, fruit trees, a garden pond, gray water filtration system, Hugel mound, weather station, greenhouse, two types of compost systems, and an adobe oven.  A third growing space nestled against the middle school invites students to be creative from year to year. Previously, this space has included smoothie and pollinator-themed gardens, for example. Last but not least, Dolores hosts an indoor aquaponics system (with many thanks owed to system guru Gunther Hardt) adjacent to the cafeteria.  All of these spaces allow for a rich, vibrant education where students interact with living organisms year-round.  Students are welcome to join the garden coordinators in the space during recess, too, and participate in any tasks available.

In addition to classes regularly coming to the garden throughout the school year, the Dolores 3rd Grade teachers collaborate with MSTFP each fall to host student-run restaurants for parents and community members. Read more about the authentic and interdisciplinary learning experiences these restaurants provide for students here!

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